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About Us

We started in September 2021 there is a amazing story of starting up. Our main goal is to provide everyone best quality servers/hosting in the best cost possible in most genres majorly targeting web hosting with vps/dedicated hosting. After sometime passed during this business we opened some sub brands of hostogrow like Teauris targeting multiple types of audiences and getting a proper knowledge about market and going forward with it for now we have achieved high growth and got response in the first few months and we are really happy with it and we see hosting (as a whole) to highly evolve in the future we might start targeting gaming in the future too.

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Why we our best for you 

We not only provide you hosting services we also provide development services and this is possible for us because of our partner Tureais.com , Tureais is All in one solution for your innovation from development to marketing Tureais will help you with everything 

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